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LiQuiTube Battle of the Bluegrass



LiQuiTube is the top selling premium tire sealant in the United States and is also a major export product sold around the world. LiQuiTube Marketing International assists companies and individuals involved in heavy duty, commercial, transportation, and agricultural industries by providing time and money saving solutions. LiQuiTube is proud to be the title sponsor of the Battle of the Bluegrass Pulling Series along with its series’ role as “The Official Total Tire Maintenance Product” and LiQuiTube CCS as “The Official Washless Vehicle Cleaner”.
PpbmlogossmBM Performance Products, Erson Cams & World Products
PBM, formerly Engine Parts Warehouse and established in 1964, is a company that started its racing business in the circle track world. As the growth of pulling has continued for the past several years, PBM is now being able to serve the pulling community with its products that can be shipped directly to shops and drivers. Products that PBM has includes connecting rods, crankshafts, fasteners, gaskets, oil pans, rocker arms and more. PBM also manufacturers many of its products.Erson Cams, also founded in 1964, has been a leader in racing including circle track, drag racing, and world speed records. Erson has been known as a company that’s products give the racer the horsepower they need, but also are very easy on the valve train components. Erson was bought by PBM in 2006 and is carry on the tradition that was started by in 1964. Erson also does custom cam work, and the turnaround time is the best in the industry. Parts include lifters, valve springs and much more.World Products was founded in 1987, and is known for their reliability in their engine blocks. World Products started by making high performance small blocks, but has grown to include big blocks as well. World’s blocks and heads are loaded with horsepower enhancing features that make them superior to OEM castings. World Products are made in the USA and use high strength iron alloys. A state of the art facility used high end CNC machines and their technicians are very experienced. Engine and cylinder heads are keep in stock to ensure customers across the United States for quick and easy delivery.
Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants: synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but our diverse product line includes all types of industrial lubricants, industrial greases, and industrial oils as well as specialty items like our chain lubes and degreasers.

We help promote and market diesel related companies. New startups and existing companies who need help with brand identity and finding the right avenues to best promote your products and services.

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