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Vehicle Classes

Willoughby-largeWork Stock Diesel Trucks
This class consists of Diesel Trucks that are street legal. All drivers must show proof of insurance and registration in order to pull. Trucks must be stock appearing in areas of sheet metal, turbo charger, drive train and transmission. There is a 2.5 limit on the turbo size. These trucks make about 700 horsepower. Weight for the class is 8500lbs. Over 50 vehicles are in this class.
outlawdieselPro Street Diesel Trucks
These trucks m
ust be street legal, but are much more open in their rules. Components do not necessarily have to be stock appearing and the limit on the turbo is 2.6. The top trucks in this class are making around 900 to 1000 horsepower. Over 70 vehicles are in this class.
prostreetOutlaw Diesel Trucks
These trucks live up to their name. They must use a stock drive line, and limited by their 2.8 turbo charger. These trucks make in excess of 1200 horsepower and cannot weigh over 8500lbs.
ecomodEconomy Hot Rod Tractors
This is a class with a long history of pulling within the state of Kentucky. The rear-end must be from a tractor, but pullers are allowed to built a custom chassis and can mount a V-8 gas motor to get them down the track. Cubic inch limit is 485 and tires cannot exceed 20 inches wide. There are over 30 vehicles in this class.
gas4wdGas 4WD Trucks
These trucks are limited to DOT tires and a 470 cubic inch limit with one four barrel carburetor. Horsepower range is about 700. There are over 30 vehicles in this class.
ps4wdPro Stock 4WD Trucks
This is the largest 4WD Truck class within the state. This class was started back in the late 1970’s and such legends as Mitchell Coomer, Doug Turner, Ricky Wyatt, the Kincaids, and the Sprowls have been pulling in this class for over 30 years. These trucks are limited to 485 cubic inches, one four barrel carburetor and aftermarket cylinder heads. Trucks make about 1300 horsepower and are known for the high RPM’s the motors rev when pulling off the starting line. There are over 40 vehicles in this class.
sm2wdSuper-Modified 2WD Trucks
Two-Wheel Drive Truck pulling started in Kentucky and its most exotic form is this class. These trucks use full racing chassis’, and use super-charged V-8 motors for power. These are the same engines used in Top Alcohol Funny Cars and Dragsters that go over 260 MPH in a quarter mile. These trucks make over 3000 horsepower and are known for their loud noise and wild wheel standing action. There are over 30 vehicles in this class.
ss2wdSuper-Stock 2WD Trucks
These trucks have been around since the birth of the 2WD Truck, as these were the first 2WD Trucks that hit the track back in the early 1980’s. They are limited to 600 cubic inches and one four barrel carburetor, and use DOT tires to get down the track. This class will also feature Pro Stock 2WD Trucks, which limited to smaller motors and no weight bracket on the front. The Pro Stocks will be handicapped by being allowed to weigh more than the Super Stocks. There are over 20 vehicles in this class.
llssLight Limited Super Stock Tractors
This tractor class consists of two types of tractors running in the same class. Diesel powered tractors are allowed 470 cubic inches on motor size, while alcohol tractors are limited to 370 cubic inches in motor size. Both tractors cannot run a turbo charger large than a 3 inch inlet size. These tractors make about 1200 horsepower, and are known for its variety in tractor types. Red, green, yellow, blue and white colors are all found in this class. Weight for this class is 6000lbs. There are over 30 vehicles in this class.

profarmPro Farm Tractors
This class is limited to 470 cubic inches and all vehicles must be diesel. There is a 3 inch inlet limit on the turbo charger. This class has been dominated by the Red Internationals, but Fords and Deeres are starting to gain ground. Horsepower ranges to about 1200. There are over 30 vehicles in this class.

hotfarmHot Farm Tractors
This class is a look at pulling in a time capsule. The tractors are limited to one turbo charger and 3000 RPM’s. Each tractor has a device that measures RPM’s and if the tractor exceeds the RPM limit they are disqualified. The weight for this class is 10,000lbs., stock chassis must be used. This results in some wild wheel stands and it is a real crowd pleaser. There are over 20 vehicles in this class. Light Weight Super Stock Tractor:
lwss-largeLight Weight Super Stock Tractors
This class is pretty much wide open. Component chassis can be used, and fuel can be either alcohol or diesel. The tractors are limited to four turbo charges and produce in excess of 3000 horsepower. This class is known for the high tires speeds, sometimes exceeding 100 MPH, and wild rides. Diesels can weigh up to 6500lbs. and alcohol tractors weigh 6000lbs. There are over 20 vehicles in this class.
outlawsuperfarmOutlaw Super Farm Tractors
This consists of two tractor types in the same class. Pullers can choose to run a Super Farm, which is limited to 640 cubic inch and one turbo with a 3 inch inlet and exhaust size. These tractors cannot weigh more than 9300lbs. Limited Pro Stocks are limited to 540 cubic inch, a 4.1 inch limit on the turbo inlet and cannot weigh more than 8500lbs. These tractors are pushing 1300 horsepower. There are over 20 vehicles in this class.
antiqueAntique Tractors
These tractors are classic pulling tractors built before 1960. Most tractors came from the factory making 40 horsepower, and most have been enhanced to produce nearly 100 horsepower, using only a single barrel updraft carburetor for power. Fans will see M Farmalls, Minneapolis Molines, Olivers, Fords and Allis-Chalmers, mixed in with 2 cylinder John Deeres. Weight classes include 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500 and 7000lbs. Tractors are limited to a 3 MPH and a 5 MPH speed limit. There are over 100 tractors competing in the Antique divisions.